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05 April 2010 @ 11:58 am
Bernard Hopkins is a sissy, just needed to get that cleared away from the top. Hopkins spends his career dishing out all kinds of cheatery, but when he finally gets a taste of his own medicine...all of a sudden he no likey (as is normally the case). And...if he's (supposedly) getting dropped by little old Roy's rabbit punches, try David Haye's on for size, ol' "B-Hop" will be FORCED into retirement, just ridiculous of Hopkins to think he can or should fight Haye.

Of which, Haye dished out a ton of massive cheatery against Ruiz, in the form of GIGANTICALLY powerful rabbit punches (more like MULE KICKS). Yet and still, didn't see Ruiz get 3 minutes. Hey, 175 pounders, everyone is up in arms, but a 220 pound big hitting heavy CRANKS off on the back of a guys head and...meh (go figure). Haye still hasn't delivered anything of worth as a heavyweight, nothing that gives rise to think he'd have a shot against either Klitschko (at least).

And yet more cheatery was found in the way of Ward, all sorts of it, in his fight against Kessler. Apparently Ward is a racist, as he seems to believe all white fighters are the same. Kessler has always and only been nothing but a gentleman and a sportsman (outside and inside the ring), there was absolutely NO need for Ward to act as though Kessler was Froch (which is precisely what I believe he did).

Of course Abraham also cheated (BIG TIME) against Andre Dirrell. What is with boxing these days, anyone even remember "the sweet science"? Well, at least Dirrell still does and good for him, God bless. Andre had a great showing and it was a well deserved victory (as it should have been against Froch).

That's this edition in cheatery.

PS: I still wonder about Manny being on the 'roids and his reaction to Mayweather wanting drug tests further confirms this.

Manny 'roid'gate first pondered publicly a year ago:


Why haven’t people begun charges of steroids in relation to Manny Pacquiao (just saying)? What does it take, for Manny to pull out a first round knock-out of Carl Froch (ps: great win for Froch in his bout with Taylor) for folks to start to wonder? I’m not saying Manny is on the ‘roids, I’m just saying, does make a guy wonder (or SHOULD, at least).

You take a good look at this guys climb from MINIMUM weight (that's right MINIMUM weight - that would be the complete opposite of heavyweight) and how his power has VERY much progressed as his weight has (and against VERY good, solid, big, strong opposition no less) and...it's obvious how this is taking place, are we really that stupid and/or naive people, come on.

Manny begins his career at a mere 106 pounds and in his last fight weighed in at 146 (of PURE rippling muscle, mind you). Along the way KNOCKING OUT fighters who began their careers at 133 (De La Hoya, who fought as high as 160), 140 (Hatton, as high as 147) and 140 (Cotto, as high as 147, though has been clocked upon ring entrance closer to 170 or so come fight time). Simply.does.not.add.up.
07 November 2009 @ 06:13 pm
Bad news is that Haye didn’t get (brutally) knocked out. Good news is that Haye proved once and for all that he is a terribly boring fighter as well as a dreadful one (British fans were typically disrespectful, yet…where were those Froch supporters talking about “dancing and running, not fighting“? hmmm, as that‘s precisely all Haye did throughout). To match Haye up with either Klitschko (ie: the TRUE champions) would be akin to throwing chum to a shark.

For instance, Haye's hand and foot speed was unimpressive, the Klitschko's spar with far greater speed (of much smaller boxers) than Haye exhibits (which is why they are always surprised at just how slow their heavyweight opponents are). In fact, Wladimir looks to have about the same hand and foot speed as Haye (of course to go along with that awesome jab, that Haye does not have at his disposal). Whereas Vitali isn't as quick, he more than makes up for it in his extremely unorthodox style and overall size (he's the master at using his height to his advantage - listed at 6'7", believed to be closer to 6'8", fights 7'). And while this works for Vitali, Haye's unorthodoxy (hands to the side, head on the Guillotine, crab crawl around the ring, getting stuck in corners, etc - all, in part, due to his own arrogance) will work against him in a bout with either Klitschko.

Haye's performance (his speed and stamina) are deceptive to viewers of the Valuev fight, as Valuev is as slow as molasses (much much MUCH more so than either Klitschko) with both his feet and hands, enabling Haye to merely pot shot Valuev to a points victory, which simply would not occur against a Klitschko. As far as his stamina holding up, that is because Valuev only very slowly tried to "apply pressure" on Haye, never getting Haye into an uncomfortable situation (like both Klitschko's would do regularly) and virtually never hit Haye (like both Klitschko's would do regularly) which also saps one of their stamina.

As I say, I found Haye's performance to be less than stellar (to say the least), against an opponent perfectly suited to make Haye look impressive (no less), mirrored Chagaev's fight against Valuev almost exactly and we saw how Chagaev, in turn, fared against a Klitschko. Of course Haye and Chagaev are quite different, they were the same against Valuev, they wouldn't be against a Klitschko, though the result would most certainly be (other than Haye not completing as many rounds as Chagaev did).

Haye took the cowards route to a heavyweight belt (ala Roy Jones, Ruiz instead of the real champion Lennox Lewis), by facing the weakest link to the heavyweight crown (Valuev instead of a Klitschko - despite being offered and turning down fights with BOTH). Unlike with Roy, Haye might follow through with his delusions and attempt to become the actual heavyweight champion, at which point his career shall come to a screeching halt.

“I’ve dreamt of the moment Valuev falls to the canvas, and I truly believe it will be one of the most jaw-dropping knockouts of all-time,” Haye said before Saturday’s bout against the WBC heavyweight champion in Nuremberg.

(ho hum yawn)
Carl Froch vs. Andre Dirrell was a disaster and a near disgrace, that ref should be banned from ever officiating another bout (at the very least, I never wish to see that jackass ref another bout in my viewing experience, what a joke he was). In a ridiculously foul filled bout, Froch cheated his way (thanks to the ref) to “victory”. The thing that sucks about Froch (and fans) reactions toward Dirrell is that they all forget that this is BOXING (not “organized street brawl” or a “tough man competition“), which is to say that what Dirrell was doing is called BOXING and what Froch was (sadly) allowed to do was called a street brawl. And while I can certainly understand Froch (and fans) frustration at Dirrells boxing style (consisting of much “running/dancing” and clinching), nonetheless, Dirrell wasn’t the one being flagrantly (and dangerously) illegal in the bout (despite, amazingly, being the only boxer to have a point deduction for such activities, please Boxing God never allow this ref anywhere near another bout of significance). In short, Dirrell should've won a close decision and while it shouldn’t be considered a “robbery” mis-decision (for Froch), it certainly was a bad one (especially considering the point deductions that should’ve occurred against Froch throughout the bout). At the very least, it was a "moral victory" for Dirrell and showed (if nothing else) that he has a great chin (is very tough and durable) and has good stamina. At the start of this tournament, I viewed Dirrell as the weakest link, I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw in the kid.

The Super Six World Boxing Classic super middleweight tournament is still a great idea and did live up to it’s promise with two intriguing (albeit sloppy and over-emotional) opening bouts, some really good stuff already (with tons of potential for more).

Side note, Abraham was impressive (taking his power and toughness up 8 pounds with him, though I saw enough holes in his style that could/should present major issues for him down the road - with Kessler or Ward) against an officially shot Taylor (what do they do now with him in this long drawn out tournament? Look for him to be replaced possibly with another fighter, maybe a guy like Allan Green, who knows, but obviously Taylor should be removed from this wacky event).

For the record, here is my personal ranking of the six going into this thing (and I should've done this BEFORE the tournament began, but I promise the order is the same despite, though I would change it after last night, in fairness I won't after the fact, so here it is):

1. Kessler
2. Abraham
3. Ward (as the dark horse)
4. Froch
5. Taylor
6. Dirrell
EastSideBoxing, BoxingNews, who's next? Who has already? As I didn't know of the actions of BoxingNews until I most recently tried to post something with them. I'm so sick of these places allowing everything within their sites except for sound reason, knowledge and justice. The only thing to do is to take it as a compliment, "Thank you for feeling so strongly that my points-of-view don't match with yours and your constituents to such an extent that you are compelled to silence me altogether."
02 August 2009 @ 04:30 pm
And so I watched this pile-of-shit known as "Assault in the Ring" (should've been titled "Further Assault on Billy Collins Jr.") and I can't help but to think "is this filmmaker (hate disgracing the term like that) a jew?" due to how ridiculous this guy (Eric Drath) gets with his ludicrously Politically Correct angles. How dare he try to make Luis Resto into some sort of ultra-sympathetic tragic figure, when Resto knew his gloves not only had half it's padding removed but ALSO had plaster-of-paris cast in them and ALSO Resto drank the special (piece-of-fucking-shit Panama Lewis) "mixed" drink in the corner in that fight. All the while Drath (more or less) portrays the Collins family in a far less sympathetic light. It actually back-fired (as surely it did for anyone with more than half a brain or shred of decency), the movie made me feel less sympathy toward Resto and much more for Billy Jr. It also made Billy Collins one tough mo'fo, the savage cheating of a beating that he took, finishing the fight was special. Good on him. To the rest? Fuck'em'all. Billy Collins Jr. is the only true sympathetic figure in that deal, period, end of story. Second would be Billy's wife. To try and paint Billy Collins Sr. as some scumbag due to him trying to sue a group of people who did wrong (lest we forget, and make no mistake about it, most of those he tried to sue DID do wrong) is simply pathetic (on the part of Drath). All the more pathetic to imply that Collins Jr. was a money grubbing coward for not fighting on with his career. For it was Sr. who has more right to sympathy than Resto (or anyone on that side). Do I feel some sympathy for Resto? Of course, who wouldn't. But, not much, and most certainly NOWHERE NEAR as much as this goofball Drath nor what this goon is trying to brainwash others to feel with his little pile-of-shit that he thinks of as being a movie here.
26 July 2009 @ 09:51 pm
David Gaye gets what he wants (AGAIN) only to (AGAIN) prove himself a coward, pure and simple, in order to attempt a MUCH easier bout against another "belt holder" (Valuev), rather than face the music by getting his dumb ass KO'd in a brutal manner at the hands of a Klitschko. Nuthuggers (all British) of Gaye refer to this move, somehow, as being "brilliant", when they know (deep down) that it's sheer cowardice. You are only prolonging the inevitable, my little Gaye one, might as well get it over with sooner rather than later. Or are we going to pull a Roy Jones and pretend to be a "heavyweight champion" by beating Valuev (yawn).

"I'm Joe Calzaghe, I could beat anyone. I could step up and beat Wladimir Klitschko if I wanted," stated Calzaghe.

The long and short of that is simply...no, no you could not.


Vernon Forrest
Arturo Gatti
Alexis Arguello
04 June 2009 @ 12:30 pm
“He was the one challenging me, and now he is backing out. I will not kick a man when he is on the floor or throw garbage in his face, which would probably not be the case if this was the other way round.” --- Wladimir Klitschko on David Haye canceling their title fight

Wlad is 100% correct, David Gay nor his fairy followers (99% of which are British, as no one but nationalist goons would follow someone as moronic as this fighter) would ever let Klitschko forget him backing out of the fight, no matter what the reason nor how valid, it would be “chicken Kiev” all over again (ala Vitali vs Rahman, and we now have seen just how justified those claims of a Klitschko being afraid of Dohman since the utter domination Wladimir put on Hasim, yawn). To boot, Chris (fatboy) Arreola (well, his trainer, Goosen) has publicly stated that he would need “a lot more time” to prepare for a fight of that magnitude. Arreola has always made it ABUNDANTLY clear that he has no true intentions of being a titlist, this is yet more proof of this.

The heavyweight division is a joke, true, but not in the least due to a Klitschko.

Hopkins (the tough guy) pansied out of a potential bout with cruiserweight champ Adamek in by pricing the fight into oblivion, niiiiice. Sooooo, the crowd favorite and CHAMPION (mind you) should forfeit his rightful share of the pie in order to appease Sir Majesty The Racist because of….why?!?! Hopkins crossed the line quickly from “old school” to the new “ME ME ME” era in the blink of an eye (his De La Cashola alliance has not served his character well, at all – he went from hardnosed blue-collar fighter to money grubbing racist like THAT = which would represent a snap of fingers). Now us fans are left with some no-hoper being forced upon Adamek (sigh).

Why haven’t people begun charges of steroids in relation to Manny Pacquiao (just saying)? What does it take, for Manny to pull out a first round knock-out of Carl Froch (ps: great win for Froch in his bout with Taylor) for folks to start to wonder? I’m not saying Manny is on the ‘roids, I’m just saying, does make a guy wonder (or SHOULD, at least).

Mayweather vs Marquez is quite the tough first fight back for a guy who hasn’t been in a bout in nearly two years, Floyd should get more credit for this than he ever will receive (due to his…..less than embraced…….personality traits). After all, there’s a reasonable number of people who actually felt that Marquez beat Manny not once but TWICE, so you know, this is by no means a creampuff comeback fight (probably the second toughest fight for Floyd to make besides one with Pacquiao himself, but he has to rebuild a fevered pitch for said future bout – given he first even gets past Marquez, which is by no means a forgone conclusion).

Kermit Cintron should be proud of himself, that was a great win for him against the tough and rugged (think Margarito – the rat bastard pile of crap - minus the concrete gloves) Angulo. Honestly, I felt that Cintron’s career was dead in the water, that Kermit looked horrible against (the talented) Sergio Gabriel Martinez (scorecards somehow had it a draw, two did that is, with the third and accurate one having Martinez winning by a margin of 116-110). But hey, despite moving up in weight (given his “suspect chin” and character issues supposedly revealed by Margarito – the pile of crap) and beating an unbeaten hard hitting stern chinned tough guy rising star of a pressure fighter, that’s no small feat and he really should be proud of himself.

Got banned (once again) from East Side Boxing, wonder why (HA HA HA), fuck ‘em, the lazy bastards. I now go out of my way not to so much as click on a link containing tripe found on that site.

And'a'duh'duh'duh, that’s all folks!


Of course it's ironic how the same people who were oh too willing to boo-bird Vitali Klitschko for bowing out of a fight due to a back injury are now just as willing to excuse Haye for the same thing (the David Haye who hasn't even EARNED his shot at a title, mind you) by saying such things as "back injury, notoriously difficult to recover from" (etc). Not only that but incredibly I just read some moron claim that Wladimir has been trying everything to get out of the fight and avoid Gaye, HA HA HA, wow, people are stupid.

Also, why isn't HBO keeping it's televised date with the Klitschko vs Chagaev fight? Makes no sense, as 1) Ruslan EARNED his way to the top (unlike Gaye or Fatboy Arreola) and 2) Wlad v Ruslan makes for a more sound fight technically (albeit not nearly as exciting). Could be that they are afraid of Chagaev's health report and don't wish to condone the fight that way. Truth remains that Wladimir is the #1 ranked Heavyweight in the world and Chagaev is the #3 ranked Heavyweight in the world (distant third behind the two Klitschkos but still). Otherwise, guess that means HBO have grown tired of Wladimir and were hoping for Gaye to actually win (adverts show Wlad knocking one opponent out with Gaye knocking out THREE, for a clue on this). Unfortunately, society (across the globe) loves an asshole and...neither Klitschko fits that bill (like the Gaye blade).

And let's be sure to not give credit where it's due in Wladimir taking on a high-rated fighter who happens to be a southpaw to boot on short notice, despite his entire training camp having been geared for a smaller quicker orthodox fighter, unlike Valuev who was unwilling to fight Wladimir for opposite reasons (trained for Chagaev, the southpaw, unready for orthodox now). As well as Klitschko willing to take on the supposedly "dangerous" Arreola as a replacement for Gaye (again despite having not properly trained for Fatty). Instead let's somehow turn everything against him, let's put all the woes of the entire Heavyweight division upon his shoulders.
15 December 2008 @ 12:31 pm
To those who have an issue with Wlad's cautious style, your problem isn't with Wlad, but rather his trainer Manny Steward, simple as that. It is Manny who (rightfully) trained Wlad to fight in this cautious, safety/win first manner, same with Lennox. Both Wlad and Lennox would have more KO's, but would also have been KO'd more without this type of style. Manny knows EXACTLY what he's doing, Wlad is following his instructions precisely (as did Lennox) and (SURPRISE SURPRISE) Wlad is winning and easily (just as he should, considering what he brings to the table). At any rate, back to the point, take issue with Manny, not Wlad.

When things go right and look good, all the positives go toward Manny and none to Wlad. When things look bad, it's all on Wlad. Truth is, it's both men orchestrating and executing this champion run. Both men deserve equal share of the good and bad coming their (collective) way during their time together.

The KO factor:

No, actually, Wladimir was NOT "genuinely KOed" by Corrie Sanders, he made every single last count easily (4 in total), granted worse for wear each and every time he rose, but he did, in deed, rise before the count of 10 every time. Wlad has never been "genuinely KOed" (ie: Rahman vs Lewis or knocked unconscious) in his professional career, thus likely never in his entire life.


That was all pre-fight, post-fight...same'ol same'ol. Has really reached a point of boredom, to be quite honest, with me and Wladimir. Just been too easy for him (again, actually not his fault, nonetheless). What IS his fault is HOW he wins these over-matches, he could do so more emphatically, do the whole conservative win-first act when you get a real challenge (whenever that happens again - could be a long while still).

On another note, whilst here, no one but the lame boxing fans of England (the lamest on the planet, in terms of boxing fans that is), well other than the occasional racist black, will be wanting that pile-of-shit David Haye to win ANY fight, here's his latest nonsense:


Charming, isn't it, class act ALL the way, huh. Looks like he's about to make the biggest mistake of his life by signing to fight VITALI Klitschko (not Wlad, which Haye-the-gay would at least have A chance against, with Vitali he literally has NO chance with).

"He crossed the line. It is more than tasteless and he will be punished for it. I will do that without emotion."

Said Vitali, after Haye showed the photos to he and his wife while they were having lunch in a restaurant. Both Vitali and his wife Natalie were shocked (as one can well imagine), and he (apparently) grabbed Haye by the scruff of the neck. He'll do a hell of a lot more in the ring, kiddo, (not) nice knowing ya!
30 November 2008 @ 09:31 pm
Though people will likely view Arreola as having "arrived", I believe that it's quite the opposite, I feel that Walker actually "exposed" Arreola last night, showed that Chris was not only intimidated by Travis to start the fight but also that Chris has a suspect chin - neither traits will bode well at all against either Klitschko (nor Valuev, even). Wlad would frighten Arreola so severely that Chris won't even get started before Wlad has checked his soft chin and put Chris to sleep, mark my words.
11 November 2008 @ 09:50 pm
"Screw Hopkins, man," the 36-year-old said "He got his a*** kicked by a white boy. He's got to accept that. He's an idiot, a complete a*******. I don't want to give him a rematch. It wouldn't be a good fight. The guy's a racist. He was never going to give me any credit. The way he fought me in Las Vegas was cowardly because he held on all night and feigned being hit by low blows. He tried to steal the fight."

Ha! Joe most certainly does speak the truth about Hopkins though, gotta give him that (I say, as otherwise I'll admit that I'm not a big fan of Joe's - don't care for his bullshit showboating style, nor have I liked much about him on an outside the ring personal level). However, no true champ retires a champ, just the nature of things - the circle of life (and all that). A true champ must face their own demise with honor, and the ONLY way of doing this is by the taste of defeat and their fall from grace. Joe MUST fight on until this occurs (unless serious injury or ill health dictate otherwise).